photo by Flavio De Pina

Radio Schedule


Who We Are

Who We Are is a storytelling radio show featuring a special guest each week to listen and talk about songs in their life that spurs memory. Hear the songs that stick with people and the stories behind the memories Mondays at 4 pm.

Hosted by Jordy

Eleanor & Bomani in The Afternoon

Ben and Owen take over the airwaves for one sweet hour a week. Each week will see a new and surprising themed collection of music, as well as cohost banter and games. Some weeks may feature guest appearances. Tune in!

Hosted by Rosalee & Negasi 

Mosh in The Bed

Mosh in the bed radio brings the best mix of the legends, great times, and the coolest music out there all together. Prepare to Mosh in the Bed with the person nearest to you for the best Monday experience of your life ;)

Hosted by Dante & Sam

The Last Free Radio Show

A show that talks about all kinds of music from country to rap, jazz to rock, pop to punk, and more. Jack Ponting talks about the history and influences of different types of music from the '50s to the present. It is the last truly free radio show.

Hosted by Jack 

Fright Night

One of us loves horror, the other hates horror, this is a show where we discuss all things spooky. Join us for an hour of fright and delight.

Hosted by Delaney & Wesley

21st Century Girls

Listen in as two bay area girls talk about whatever is on their minds! From current events, to fashion trends to bon food, there’s something for everyone! Join us Tuesdays at 4pm!

Hosted by Sophia & Mia

Call on Jamie

Have you ever wanted one of your personal issues to be broadcasted on a public domain in the form of a 2007 Maroon 5 song? You've come to the right place. Call on Jamie!

Hosted by Jamie

Crime Time

Are you interested in true crime? Are you free from 8-9 on Tuesday nights? Come listen to Crime Time with Sonja Hanson & Ellie Kennicott! Each week we will discuss facts and theories of our favorite true crime cases and conspiracy theories.

Hosted by Sonja & Ellie

For Shits & Giggles 

Me and my “too funny for this world” cohost electrify the radio waves with our tantalizing dialogue, satirical political discourse, and dumb ass conversations. Join us and waste an hour of your time listening to two white gurlz rant about their college experience and whatever happens to be trending on #twitter.

Hosted by Sara & Emily

Soft Spoken Radio

Are you often the victim of having your joke said louder? Do your ideas get lost because you gave up after the fourth “WHAT?!?” I know just the place for you! I’d like to welcome all lost loners, silent suckers, and quiet coyotes to join in Soft Spoken Radio to experience good tunes and positive vibes to get you through the rest of the week.

Hosted by Ivey

M'Lady's Melodies

My favorite songs at the moment! They will fit a vibe or a theme for the week.

Hosted by Naledi


A funky, jazzy mix of psychedelic music & casual discussion to nourish the mind body and soul.

Hosted by Renz & Brandon

Mixed Up

A show for when you want to feel every emotion or none! We'll be playing music from all the genres, you will literally have no idea what is about to play. It will be fun, so tune in and just chill with us for an hour!

Hosted by Sara

Madeleine's Movie Marathon

Madeleine Muriel MacWilliamson's Movie Marathon Madness happens every Thursday starting at noon and ending at one. Each week, I'll be playing a movie soundtrack that I've been enjoying, depending on the amount of lyrics I might give my thoughts on the film or just thoughts provoked from watching the movie. Who knows! Tune into Madeleine's Movie Marathon (or you can call it M3) to find out who I am, what I am, how I am, and where I am.

Hosted by Madeleine

Radio Rebel

Tune in if you literally just want to vibe to different music every week and maybe hear us speak once or twice. Call in to give advice or talk about random crap for then day!!!

Hosted by Anna & Bayleigh

God Complex

Do you think you have the best music taste in the world? well, you're wrong, because WE do. Join DJ Vaype Juice and Mollie Watre's very opinionated music critique every Thursday for the  dream pop cloud rap you wish you'd  discovered first, but you didn't because we did!

Hosted by Lucy & Eli

Roomie Tunes

Back for another year! Roomies introducing each other to new music & exchanging silly banta (banter in an accent ofc).

Hosted by Kate & Janie

Wholesome Radio Hour

An end of the week pick-me-up dedicated to the things that make Kit and Kate happy. Join us for cute conversations, peachy tunes, and some chill optimism.

Hosted by Kit & Kate

Wake Up Call

Wake-Up Call is a music show to help you get your day started off right. Hosted by Cole Sauter, tune in to hear a variety of songs whether you are an early bird or a slow riser. Join in Saturdays at 10 AM PST!

Hosted by Cole

Trips & Hits

Trips & Hits is an eclectic collection of groovy tunes perfect for your Saturday in the sunshine. Feel free to take a hit & take a sip, to bite your lip & take a trip, & always bust a move!

Hosted by Lauren

Doggy Style

The radio show where Maya will introduce you to the weird world of animal sex, while Eli provides humorous commentary involving his own horny endeavors. We'll also occasionally play music to help get you in ~* the mood *~. Welcome to Doggy Style! We got songs, science, and a whole lot of sex.

Hosted by Maya & Eli


Yo! I’m mal and im just gonna be playing some music that i like :)

Hosted by Mal


We will be playing some foot stomping music you can rave to in the woods. If you are looking for more bpms, this is the right show!

Hosted by Alex & Teresa
4-5 PM

Max & Shep's Sunday Soul Hour

Returning for its second year on air, it's Max and Shep's Sunday Soul Hour!! We'll be playing our favorite soul, r&b, funk & gospel tunes as well as avoiding having to talk on the radio as much as possible

Hosted by Max & Shep

The Daily Excursion

If you have nothing better to do tune in for some shits & giggles, why? 1. if I don't make you laugh you can listen to me embarrass myself 2. I know you're procrastinating on Sunday night anyway 3. my shits kinda interesting

Hosted by MeiMei
6-7 PM


Yoooo who's tryna get sexayyyy!? We are about to have some hella sex positive convos surrounding the culture and stories of LC students. Hosted by two spicy ladiez: SYDNEY AND TESS. Don't miss it.

Hosted by Sydney & Tess

Jazz at The Witching Hour

Come vibe and jive with Jazz from everywhere and every time. Yeah das about it for those of you who sleep too early to listen, sweet dreams and to those of you who dare to listen may you enjoy the magic. 

Hosted by Leo